I know this is an uncertain time, and many of us are stressed and afraid due to the coronavirus spread. But I wanted to draw your attention to the beautiful people of our hair salon community whose lives have been turned upside-down by the total shutdown of their industry.

After 9/11 (for those of you who remember), we all went to our hairstylists and colorists to feel better about our lives and ourselves, and they took us in. They hugged us. We sat in their chairs. We cried, we laughed, and they made us look beautiful. They gave of themselves like they always do, and for one hour, one haircut, one color at a time, they made it better.

In the 2008 financial crisis, when it looked like we would lose everything, our salons again stayed open and helped us through.

Well now it’s our turn to try and make it better for them.

Hairstylists and colorists depend on personal interaction for their very livelihood. With these salon closures, many will experience total wage loss for an uncertain period of time. With no one in their chairs, they literally have no income.

That’s why we have created a GoFundMe specifically to help hairstylists and salon employees in the Virtue Community who have been impacted by the economic fallout from this pandemic. And we’re asking for your help as well.

We’re kicking it off with a $5,000 donation. If you’re able, please join us with any amount you can give. Our goal is to raise $100,000 through this campaign.

Until we’re back in their chairs – and we will be – we must try to support those who’ve supported us. Together we can keep food on the table and hope in the hearts of hairstylists and salon owners who mean so much to us all.

If you have questions about this effort, please call Virtue Customer Care at 844-782-4247.

Thank you for your attention, and please help if you can!


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