The world didn't need another hair care line, so we created a biotech company to repair damaged hair.

Bring the power of Virtue® with our exclusive Alpha Keratin 60ku® to your clients by joining our network of salons and stylists.

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This is the first line I've carried where I'm confident referring every single product to someone.

Rachel Capone, MANE Studio


Extraordinary shampoos that rebuild and restore with each use.

Once I turn on a client onto it, they can't live without it!

Ashley Gray, Ash Salon


Infuse hair with softness, shine, and managebility without weighing it down.

I believe in this product with my heart and soul.

Christina Viers, Rosé Beautique


Reverse the damage with transformative treatments that heal, nourish, and repair.

Every Virtue product I use, I fall in love with.

Mac McAbee, Coven Haircraft


Multitasking stylers that help lift, hold, protect, and perfect the look you want.

Our Science

See Why the Science is so Important.

The first of its kind, Alpha Keratin 60ku® is a pure, whole, human protein. The world is about to experience something incredible.

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Be Inspired

Hear from Virtue users about life, beauty, and what Virtue has done for their hair.

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