The Truth About Minoxidil

Here’s the reality: Despite hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into hair growth research, Minoxidil remains the only topical ingredient that’s been approved by the FDA to regrow hair. Which begs the question, if Minoxidil has been clinically proven to regrow hair, why doesn’t everyone use it? 

The truth is that Minoxidil is a tough drug to use and compliance can be difficult. While long-term, systemic side effects are virtually non-existent, using Minoxidil requires patience, commitment and dealing with some unfortunate side effects including additional hair shedding at the onset of use, oily residue and possible scalp irritation.

That’s where Flourish® can help. Our Shampoo, Conditioner and Volumizing Styler all contain our proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku Clinical®. It counters the scalp irritation and hair dryout that Minoxidil can cause, by wrapping each hair in a protective layer of pure protein, allowing the Minoxidil to do its job without sacrificing the health and appearance of your hair.

Within our Hair Growth Treatment, Minoxidil, the medically proven, used-by-millions, hair growth hero, works in partnership with our Shampoo and Conditioner to restore and replenish each strand, so you’ll love the hair you have while you’re growing more.